Can I get a book published? Yes. Yes, you can. Anyone can publish a book these days. There are many different paths to publishing, and they are all within reach if you are willing to learn. Publishing a book is absolutely possible for anyone with an internet connection and a manuscript to share.

If you already know this, great! You can stop reading. But if publishing a book feels like some big, nebulous, impossible thing that’s only for important people, listen up. You need to hear this.

Last month I presented a workshop at a business conference in Oregon. The session was called How To Know If You’re Ready To Write Your Book (And Love Your Decision, Either Way). At the end of the session, a woman in the front row raised her hand and asked a question that was a bit off-topic, but which really intrigued me.

She wanted to know if she could get a book published.

She wasn’t asking if it's possible to publish a book. She didn’t even want to know how to publish a book.

She was wondering if she was capable of getting her book published.

What’s the point if you can’t get published?

I could see the vulnerability in her eyes. Here’s what I knew she wanted to say, but couldn’t quite get out:

  • What’s the point in writing my book if I’ll never be able to get it published?

  • How could little old me do something so big?

  • I have no publishing connections or knowledge. I have no hope of getting my book into the world.

Now, I could rabbit on about the action steps involved in self-publishing and traditional publishing, and the pros and cons of different publishing methods.

But more important than getting into the nitty-gritty details is this: you can publish a book.

You can publish a book.

You are capable of turning your Word document or Google Docs file into a professional ebook, a real-deal paperback, or a weighty hardcover volume that the general public (and your mom) can purchase.

Anyone can do these things. It isn’t hard.

There are many steps involved. Publishing takes time. There are things you’ll have to learn and decisions you’ll need to make, but you are completely capable of doing everything involved in the publishing process.

You can also choose what that process looks like, to a degree. There are several different paths to publishing, each with its intricacies and learning curves. You may have heard some of the industry terms for these paths: traditional publishing, self-publishing (sometimes called indie publishing), and hybrid models are the most common names.

Each option is within your reach. Even if multiple options are overwhelming right now, you absolutely can figure out the right path for you, and learn the steps that must be taken along that path.

You can do hard things

You have done hard things before.

Maybe you bucked your parents' expectations or were the first in your family to go to college. You could have birthed a baby, or raised a child, or held your tongue when a teenager talked back at you. (God knows that’s hard to do.) Perhaps you started a business, got your health in order, or spoke your truth even when you knew others didn’t care to hear it.

You have done hard things before. Publishing a book is an involved process, yes, but it's not that complicated. It’s just a series of steps that you are more than capable of nailing.

I’m not saying everything is easy if you’re just willing to do the work. Many things must come together to make a published book, say, a best-seller. And I’m not saying you can do it with your current knowledge. You’ll need to learn some stuff and level-up to get your book into the work.

But publishing a book is easier than you think.

All you need is an internet connection, a willingness to learn, and the drive to keep going. Oh, and a manuscript to share. Yeah—you’ve gotta have that.

But once you’ve written it… you can publish your book.

And in case you don’t believe me, here’s a little puppy who also thinks you can do it.

Can I publish a book? Yes, you can do it.

The puppy and I believe in you.

I’ll write more about the actual how-to of publishing soon but if you have questions now, click here to email and let me know. I love chatting about this stuff, whether you’re working with me or not. Because being nice and giving free advice is how the world goes round.

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