Think again

More publishers want non-fiction books! That’s the latest trend being reported this month by the bigwig industry commentators. If you’re sitting there thinking no one would be interested in your non-fiction book idea, I’m going to tell you what this news means for you.


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This month the 47th annual London Book Fair took place in, well, London. It’s a pretty big deal in the world of traditional publishing. They describe it as the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content. Basically, it’s where all the top dogs in publishing get together, make book deals, learn, and give out some fancy awards.

There are folks who track the number of book deals done at and in preparation for the London Book Fair. They report on those deals, and we get an idea of what types of books traditional publishers are interested in. It’s an insight into what’s hot in the publishing industry right now. 

Publishers Lunch, which is one of the big industry commentators, said, “… the most notable trend from this London Book Fair dealmaking season is the surge of big deals — and ‘major’ deals in particular — for nonfiction.” The was also talked about by The Creative Penn, The Hot Sheet, and Publishing Perspectives.

So what are they saying? 

They’re saying there were more big non-fiction book deals this spring than in the same time period last year. That confidence in non-fiction books is a great sign for anyone who wants to write their own non-fiction book.

Am I saying it’s now easy to get a traditional publishing deal for a non-fiction book?

Unfortunately not.

There are still lots of hurdles to jump through (which is part of the reason why self-publishing is such a popular option for entrepreneurs). 

But I am saying that, if you thought there would be no interest in your non-fiction book idea, it’s time to revisit that assumption. 

Whether you choose to self-publish or pursue a traditional publisher, the demand for non-fiction books is, if anything, increasing.

You haven't missed the bandwagon!

I’ll talk more about why it’s worth answering that demand with your own book in an upcoming video. But for now, be assured that you haven’t missed the bandwagon. People really do want to publish—and read—good non-fiction books. And yours could be one of them!

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