What questions do you have about writing and publishing a book? I don't care how "dumb" you think your question is. Will you leave a comment and ask me?

Here's why I wanna know...

I'm putting together a guide to help entrepreneurs figure out the best path to publishing their book.

I speak to a lot of business owners, solopreneurs, consultants, coaches, and freelancers who know a book will help them get speaking engagements and level-up their business, but have no idea how to make it happen.

  • How do you plan and write a book?

  • How long does the whole process take?

  • What's the deal with traditional publishing and self-publishing? What do those words even mean?

  • Will people respect me if I do it myself?

  • Will people respect me if I get help?

I want to answer them all

These are just a few of the questions I hear entrepreneurs asking, and I want to answer them all in this new guide.

So leave a comment and let me know... what questions do you have about writing and publishing a book for your business? If you’r rather shoot me a private email, click here.

I'll reply to every single question. No sales pitch. No pushing for anything. Just a heartfelt thank you for sharing your honest questions, so I can make this guide even better.

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