Writing coaching help for non-fiction writers

When you decided to write a book, you had no idea it would be this hard.

Now, you’re ready to throw your hands up and give back the advance. Or cancel the project. Or smash your laptop against the wall and binge eat ice cream straight from the tub.

You still want to write the damn thing. You have a message to share, and you know you have something to add to the conversation. This book could really make a difference—if only you could get it done.

But you feel like it’ll never get there. Everything you write sounds… meh.

And the clock is ticking. You committed to a deadline that now feels impossible.

And you’re kinda pissed. Why is this so damn hard? You write all the time for work. You’re constantly at the keyboard. You even enjoy writing, when you get in the flow of it.

But a book feels so much bigger, so much harder than anything else.

And what if you put all this work in, and the book is just crap? What if the reviewers laugh and the world thinks you’re a fraud? What if you waste this amazing opportunity by doing a shitty job?

What if it wasn’t so hard?

Writing coaching help

Imagine waking up early, grabbing a coffee, and feeling excited as you sit down to write. You open your document and know what to do. The creativity flows, and it energizes you.

This is the best writing you’ve ever done.

You’re sharing something important, and you’re confident it’s coming across loud and clear. Finally, you’re saying what’s really on your heart.

You’re giving your book the best chance of success. You’re doing everything possible to inspire and empower readers to change their world for good.

In meetings, you talk proudly about the book’s progress. You share your excitement over the latest chapter and look forward to submitting it to your editor.

You find joy in fulfilling your commitment—to others and to yourself. You’re proud that you refused to give in to doubt. You meet your deadline and feel really good about what you’ve created.

Before you know it, you’re holding your book in your hands. Reviewers share your message further than you could’ve imagined. Readers send thank you notes because their lives are better than before. Your book is helping people. You’re making a difference in the world.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You desperately want to share your message with more people, but you don’t want to try and fail.

  • You don’t want to outsource the writing. You need to do this yourself.

  • You’re afraid of screwing up and ruining this opportunity—for yourself, your organization, or your readers.

Liz Green at Green Goose Ghostwriting

I can help

I’m Liz, the book coach behind Green Goose Writing. I help leaders who feel drawn to share a message close to their heart but are stuck trying to get it on the page. They’re afraid of screwing up their opportunity or ruining their reputation—or that of their organization.

I help them finally finish their book, know that it’s good, and use it to make the world a better place.

When we work together, you will…

  • Have a clear plan, so you know exactly what to write.

  • Actually make progress on your book, writing new pages every week.

  • Know your book is the best it can be.


The Finally Write Your Book coaching package includes:

Asset 59.png

A Get Clear Jumpstart

This jumpstart exercise will help us get clear on why you’re stuck. You’ll consider what’s working, what’s tripping you up, and how we can get things flowing.

You’ll reconnect with the WHY that made you want to write in the first place and find little rays of hope that we can turn this thing around.


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Two One-Hour Coaching Sessions Every Month

Every two weeks, we’ll meet online via video call to get you unstuck and actually writing. We’ll look at the work you’ve done so far, talk through the hard stuff, and figure out where to go next.

You won’t need to wonder what you’re doing anymore. Instead, you’ll get actionable advice just for you. You’ll have a private audience with a professional writer and editor, and together we’ll figure out how to share your message in a way that hits home with readers.

You’ll find out what you’re good at so you can lean into those strengths, and you’ll learn how to shore-up your weaker areas.

By the end of each session, you’ll know exactly what to write in the week ahead. You’ll understand what to focus on and how. You’ll level-up your writing skills, and feel confident and excited to work on your book.


Asset 48.png

Personalized Editing

Twice a month, you’ll get professional feedback on a piece of your writing, with actionable advice on how to level-up your writing skills.

I’ll show you what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to wonder if your writing makes sense. You won’t have to wait until you’ve finished the first draft to know if you’re going off-track. Instead, you’ll get fast feedback so you can do more of what’s great and adjust what needs work.

With this one-on-one help, you’ll finally know that your writing is good enough.

You can finish your book, know that it’s good, and use it to make the world a better place. I can help you get there.

Investment: $1,497 USD per month for six months.

Why six months?

If you’re willing to do the work, six months can take you from stuck in a rut to a finished manuscript. You can walk away with your book written and ready to publish. It can really happen, but it needs that time. For most people, six months is a fantastic period to dedicate to making their book a reality.

If you’re committed to a different deadline, that’s okay! Contact me to talk about our options.

Let’s get started

Are you ready to finally write your book? Excellent! Here’s how to get started: 

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult. You can do that right here.

Step 2. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 3. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact next steps. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.


Have questions?

Click here to email me.

I am absolutely thrilled with my book. It always brings a tear to my eye when I read it.
— Karin
I am actually excited about my book now! This is going to be fun.
— Matt
Working with Liz is a dream. What surprised me is how insightful she can be.
— Tara
It’s a pleasure to work with Liz for her personality and skills. Also, as a result of her help, we’re seeing tremendous uptake and reach in our business.
— Meg
Liz delivers exceptional work. Media results are already pouring in from a number of countries.
— Jack