Breakthrough Synopsis:

The First Step to Writing Your Book



Your business is doing well but you don’t want to get stuck. You’re ready for more. You feel the itch to level-up and know writing a book can help. But god, it ain’t easy.

You’ve got all the knowledge for a book—you know your sh*t inside and out. And you’re capable—you write all the time. But there’s something about writing a book that feels so much harder.

When you finally squeeze in time for it, you sit and stare at the blank screen. Getting what’s in your head onto the page feels impossible. You have all these ideas that you know will serve your audience, but the words won’t come out right. They sound stilted and weird.

It’s so frustrating when you know, if you could just get the damn thing done, your business could skyrocket.


Imagine when your book is published ...


You’re getting calls for speaking engagements across the country, talking to large audiences, and watching them get inspired.

You’re being interviewed on some of the biggest platforms. There’s a waitlist for your one-on-one services, your email list is growing, and you’re finally seen as an authority in your niche. You’ve even been able to hire more help at home and at work.

You’re ready to make a difference in a bigger way than ever before, changing minds and impacting lives.

But to do all that, you need to get the book done.

  • Are you fed up of putting your book on the back-burner because you don’t know where to start?

  • Do you just want someone to clear the confusion and give you direction?

  • Are you ready to take the first step to making your book a reality?

Liz Green at Green Goose Ghostwriting

I can help.

I’m a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs who want to write a book to demonstrate authority in their niche and get more speaking engagements. But they’re frustrated that writing takes forever and the words don’t sound like them. I write their book in their own voice, so they can share their message, inspire others, and finally level-up their business.

But whether you write your book yourself or work with a ghostwriter like me, the first step is the same. You need to know where you’re going. You need direction. You need a synopsis.

A synopsis is a summary of what your book will be about. Sounds simple, right? But if you’ve tried to write and found yourself rambling, or been stared down by that blank page, it’s likely because you don’t have a clear synopsis.

You’re not alone—many people try to skip this step because it’s so hard to condense your ideas into a few short paragraphs. But you know how setting simple and succinct business goals can laser-focus your energy and help you hit targets faster? A synopsis does the same for your book.


When we develop your Breakthrough Synopsis, you will …

  • Get your ideas un-jumbled, so you know what your book is really about;

  • Be confident in what you’ll include in (and what you’ll leave out of) your book, so you won’t waste time writing without direction; and

  • Finally be able to move forward and get your book finished fast, so it can become the catalyst that will level-up your business.

Plus, when it’s time to publish, your synopsis will be the basis for an amazing Amazon description—those all-important paragraphs that decide if someone will hit the Buy Now button.

And if you want to attract agents and traditional publishers, you’ll use your synopsis to grab their attention. A clear synopsis will help you stand out from the slew of proposals that swamp their desks.


Your Breakthrough Synopsis package includes:

Asset 59.png

“Get Ready, Get Clear” Questionnaire

This questionnaire will prompt you to consider who your book is for, how it’ll help them, and the challenges you face as you write for them. In answering these questions, we’ll get ready to break through your frustrations in our call.

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90-minute Breakthrough Session

In our Breakthrough Session, we’ll meet online via video call and talk through all those things you want to say but have been struggling to get down on paper. When we remove the block of trying to write, you’ll be free to sit in your zone of genius and get clear on the core message of this specific book.

By the end, we’ll know what your book is really about (and what you’ll save for future books), so you can ditch the mental clutter that’s blocking your path to being a successful author. All the uncertainty and fuzzy ideas will finally become clear. You’ll have the confidence and direction to start making real progress on your book.

Asset 48.png

Breakthrough Synopsis

After our session, I’ll take two days to craft your professionally-written Breakthrough Synopsis before sending it to you. Your synopsis will encapsulate the contents of your book, the energy of your voice, and your unique promise to your audience.

Print it out, stick it in front of your screen, and use it to break through the blank page, keeping you on-topic and on-target as you work on your book.

Asset 8.png

Ready-to-Publish Action Plan PDF

Whether you choose to write every word yourself or have a ghostwriter do the hard work for you, this PDF will give you a clear path to take your idea from a synopsis to a ready-to-publish manuscript. You’ll see exactly what steps are involved, so there’ll be no more guessing, feeling stalled out and stuck.

With your Breakthrough Synopsis and Ready-to-Publish Action Plan, you can finally write the book that will change lives, snag you speaking engagements, and grow your business.


Investment: $299 USD

Let’s get started

Do you want to break through the blank page and take the first step to writing your book? Great! Here’s how to get started:

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Step 3. After your Breakthrough Session, I’ll craft your Breakthrough Synopsis and send it to you along with your Ready-to-Publish Action Plan. Then you’ll be on your way to writing your book and levelling-up your business.


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