Get Writing Again: Coaching to finally finish your book

Writing coaching help for non-fiction writers

You used to enjoy writing. When you were in the flow, the words… well, they flowed! But that feels far away now.

Something happened. Maybe someone got sick, or your schedule changed, or a new season of your favorite show launched on Netflix.

Life got crazy, and though things are more settled now, you never got back into that flow.

And that amazing book idea?

It’s just stuck, bouncing around your brain, going nowhere.

Getting back into it feels impossible. You’d love to find your flow again but, god, where do you even start? You feel lost, like you’ll never get your book done.

Your little idea is pulling on your heart, begging to be written, but you’re not writing. And you can’t even figure out why.

It’s true that you don’t have time. But maybe you’re also a little afraid. What if your writing isn’t good enough? What if no one likes what you have to say? What if you put all this effort in and no one buys the book?

Perhaps this great idea isn’t so amazing after all, you think.

So now you’re stuck and beating yourself up for letting the fear win... for not getting your shit together... for not doing the thing you say you want to do.

You know you’re capable of writing your book, but you just can’t seem to actually do it. And the longer this weighs on you, the worse you feel, and the more you doubt yourself.


What if it wasn’t so hard?

Writing coaching help

Imagine waking up early, grabbing a coffee, and sitting down to write because it’s fun.

You can’t wait for writing sessions and find they suddenly slip into your busy life with ease.

Every time you open your document, you know what to do. Your writing has a purpose, you understand the craft, and you can see you’re getting better every week.

You’re creative and full of words you can’t wait to get on the page.

For the first time in your life, you feel confident sharing your writing because you know it’s the best work you’ve ever done. You’re getting your message across loud and clear, and really saying what’s on your heart.

You can honestly say you’re giving your book the best chance at success. You’re doing everything possible to make sure your readers are inspired and empowered to change their lives for good.

You’re proud of yourself for refusing to give in to doubt, for not letting fear or a busy schedule stop you. You’re taking life by the horns and doing the thing you’ve been thinking about forever.

And you have a sneaky suspicion you’re killing it!

Before you know it, you’re holding your book in your hands. Your name is on the front cover. You’re sending a copy to your mom. Whatever comes next, you are forever the author of a book.

And you are a person who can do anything you set your mind to.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel a pull on your heart to get your message into the world, and you know you’ll regret it if you don’t.

  • You want to do the work and write the book yourself, but the words just don’t come out right.

  • It sucks to admit it, but if you’re left on your own, you might never get this thing done.

  • Deep down, you’re afraid of looking stupid. What if your writing isn’t good enough? What if you make dumb mistakes? Will people laugh at you?

Liz Green at Green Goose Ghostwriting

I can help.

I'm a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs who want to write a book to share their message. When you’re frustrated that writing takes forever and the words don't sound like you, I help.

I can give you personal coaching to get the words down and make them the best possible, so you can finally finish your book, share your message, and inspire others.

When we work together, you will …

  • Have a clear plan for every writing session, so you know exactly what to write and how to get your message across.

  • Improve your writing skills so you can be confident this book is your best work ever; and

  • Make progress in your writing every single week, finally becoming a person who takes action on their dreams.


Your Get Writing Again coaching package includes:


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A Get Clear Jumpstart

This jumpstart exercise will really clarify who you’re writing for. You’ll consider who needs to hear your message the most, and how this book fits into your bigger life mission.

You’ll explore where you got stuck with this idea, so we can tailor our work, overcome your specific challenges, and get you moving again.


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Four One-Hour Get Moving Sessions A Month

Every week we’ll meet online via video call to coach you through whatever writing stage you’re at. We’ll look at the work you’ve done so far, talk through the stuff that was hard, and figure out where to go next to let your creativity shine.

You won’t need to wonder what needs work anymore. Instead, you’ll get precise advice just for you. You’ll have a private audience with a professional writer pinpointing what you should work on, and where your natural talents are.

You’ll get practical guidance to make your writing the best it can be. Plus, you’ll find out what you’re good at so you can lean into those strengths.

By the end of each session, you’ll know exactly how to fit writing into the week ahead. You’ll have a plan to write around work commitments, your kid’s soccer tournament, or anything else happening in your world that week. And you’ll know how to defeat those pesky fear thoughts.

The structure will let your creativity flow. When you sit down to write, you’ll know what to focus on and how. You’ll feel confident and excited to jump into it.


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Four Personalized Get Better Challenges A Month

Every week you’ll be emailed a personalized writing challenge. Your time is precious, so these will serve double duty, improving your writing and contributing to your book. Forget boring homework… these are fun exercises crafted to be perfect for your personality.

Want to spend more time outside? We’ll get you there while practicing your writing. Want to multitask while your daughter takes ballet class? We’ll make the most of your time with these challenges.

You’ll get an expert perspective on areas to improve. We’ll focus on those to level-up your writing skills, so you can finally feel like your writing is good enough.

You can write the book that’s been weighing on your heart. I can help you get there. 

Investment: $799 USD per month

No minimum commitment needed. Invest in your writing for one month and see how far you go.

Let’s get started

Do you want to get writing again? Excellent! Here’s how to get started: 

Step 1. Click here to pay for your first month. If you want to talk it through first to see if this is right for you, click here to schedule a call.

Step 2. When making your payment, you’ll also schedule your first Get Moving Session and secure your space in my calendar.

Step 3. Then, we’ll hold your first session and get you writing again!


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