I sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with my ghostwriting clients so cannot reveal who I've written for, but below you'll find a handful of examples of my writing, a ghostwriting case study, and some Amazon reviews.

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A Ghostwriting Case Study

Some clients come to me with nothing but an idea. Others have doodles, passages, and sometimes an outline of their message. And some clients have a full-fledged first draft manuscript, but know they need help to make it a book they're proud of. Matt was in the latter camp, and this is his story.


Amazon Reviews

These are a few Amazon reviews for a recently released business leadership book I worked on. The book has an average 5.0 rating on Amazon.com.

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Below are a handful of testimonials from former clients. You can read more testimonials here.

An Example of My Personal Writing Style

The chapter below offers an example of my personal writing style. It's important, though, to remember the art of ghostwriting is in writing in your client's voice. That means setting aside your personal style and using the words, mannerisms, and tone unique to your client. For me, the ghostwriter, it's all about tuning into how my client sounds, and morphing into them on the page.

It's like an actor taking on a role on screen. In interviews and behind the camera they are themselves. But when the camera rolls, they show us the character. When the words flow, my aim is to show you the client.

An Example of Ghostwritten Content

The piece below was written for a health and wellness client whose business was based on her personality. It was important for her to let readers know she'd been where they were and experienced their struggles, while also giving them hope and inspiration.

Another Example of Ghostwritten Content

This piece was written for a startup company who had just launched a real estate sales app. In the example above, the client and I wrote to display her personality. In this example, we wrote to display the personality of the business, and to connect with an audience of older millennials.

More About My Writing Mindset

To read (and watch videos) about my writing mindset, opinions, struggles, and advice, head over to the blog.

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