Let's talk validation

Oprah tells us that everyone wants to know if they're doing okay. Well, your audience is asking that, too. Are you answering them? Are you making them feel okay?



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On Sunday I was on Facebook (as you do) and I came across a video of Oprah giving the Harvard Commencement Speech in 2013. In it, she mentions that she’s done over 35,000 interviews across a 25 year career and every interviewee, in some way, wants to be validated. They ask her, “Was that okay?” Here’s the video (it’s only three minutes):




I watched this video on Sunday and thought it was interesting that we all have this shared experience of wanting to be validated, asking if what we’re doing is okay, if what we’re saying makes sense.

Later that day, I had a client call with an awesome woman who knows her stuff inside and out. She speaks eloquently and engagingly, and she's writing what will be a great book. At the end of our call she said, “So how does this compare to other stuff you’ve worked on?" It was her way of saying, “Was this okay?"

Wow. Oprah knows everything about everyone. She’s amazing.

You see, everyone asks this question.

As entrepreneurs, we're often pushing ourselves into areas that feel slightly uncomfortable and we ask ourselves if we’re doing okay. But today I want to think about this from your audience’s perspective.

Whether you're writing a book, online content, podcast scripts, social media posts, or working directly with clients, you're talking to people who are going to wonder if they’re doing okay. 

I want you to address this

When you're talking to people, don’t shy away from this question. Address it as a chapter at the end of your book or a sentence at the end of your blog post. Because even if they're not saying it outright, they're likely thinking it. They want validation.

If you address it, you can put them at ease.

You’re doing okay.

Now, because you're here watching this video, I know that you want to learn. I know you’re interested in developing your writing skills. I know your heart and head are in the right place. Because of that, I can confidently say that you’re doing okay!

Whatever is going on in your world right now, you're doing okay with this stuff!

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