What if you're not sure?

If you’re an entrepreneur, building your business around your superpower can help you be successful, and love what you’re doing. But what if you’re not sure what your superpower is?



I’m Liz, the writer behind Green Goose Ghostwriting, where online entrepreneurs get help to write books that that build their credibility, demonstrate authority in their niche, and serve clients in a bigger way.

I get emails from a fellow ghostwriter called Sally Ann Miller. This week she sent out a link to a fun personality quiz. Now, personality quizzes can sound a little teenage-girly on the surface. But Sally talked about how personality quizzes can help you identify your superpower.

I can almost hear you thinking, “I don’t have any superpowers. Unless you count the ability to spend hours scrolling through Netflix without actually watching anything.”

But everyone has a superpower! It’s just a fun term to identify what you’re good at.

There’s a fun, free quiz

So I took the free quiz that Sally linked to. It’s from a company called Via Institute on Character. It’s free (though you can pay for a more in-depth report), and it took about five minutes. And I was blown away by how accurate the results were!

They have 24 character traits which they rank in the free quiz. They said my greatest personality strength was Perspective, which they define as being able to provide wise counsel to others, and having ways of looking at the world that make sense to oneself and others.

My second character strength was Social Intelligence, which is being aware of the motives and feelings of others and oneself, knowing what to do to fit into different social situations, and knowing what makes other people tick.

Third was Love of Learning, forth was Kindness, and fifth was good Judgement.

Rounding out my top 10 were:

  • Fairness, 
  • Prudence, 
  • Creativity, 
  • Curiosity, and 
  • Honesty.

I like having this insight because:

  1. It’s fun to get more insight into your personality!
  2. It explains why I’m drawn to ghostwriting as a career. 

    I find looking at the world through another person’s eyes fascinating, and ghostwriting lets me do that. 

    I also love knowing what makes others tick. I’ve always thought I’m good at ghostwriting because it’s easy for me to have empathy for whoever I’m working with. I think empathy is key to writing for someone else, but also making the world a more peaceful place!
  3. I know if I can play to my strengths in my business, I’ll be going with the tide instead of against it.

    That’s not to say if something is difficult, you shouldn’t do it. When you’re in business for yourself, there’s a lot of essential tasks that will push you outside your comfort zone. But if you focus the core of your business around your strengths, you’re more likely to be successful and love the work!

What are your superpowers?

I invite you to take this free personality quiz and see what your superpowers are. Then, you can ensure you’re building your business around those strengths, so you’re more likely to be successful and love your work.

Oh, and if you want to be nosey, my full personality report is below, so you can get to know me a bit better.

See you next time!

My personality report

Thanks to Via Institute on Character for providing the quiz and Sally Ann Miller for introducing me to this.