It's my first guest blog post!

Editor and writing coach Jody Brandon shared one of my posts this week! She works with creative business owners and solopreneurs writing a book or ebook to scale their business, either through a traditional publisher or via self-publishing.

Most of her audience are into writing their books themselves, but sometimes folks ask her if they should work with a ghostwriter, so she shared this post on her blog.

In her weekly email, called Coffee & Commas, Jody compared ghostwriters to a cleaning person (which will make my husband laugh as I suck at cleaning). But her point is that they come in, wave their magic wand, and GET. THINGS. DONE.

I like that analogy! Here's to getting things done.

Oh, and go sign up for Jodi's Coffee & Commas emails. They're really interesting and packed full of actionable content that will help you finally move from idea to book. I'm a fan!