... and how they can help you

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was working on my summary—a few sentences that describe who I am, who I work with, and how I help them. (Find that video here.) Today I want to share my new summary, and some lessons I learned from working on it.

These lessons will, I hope, help if you've ever stumbled when trying to tell someone what you do for a living, or if you're wondering why work feels crummy sometimes.

Lesson 1: It’s okay if it’s fuzzy

If you trip over your tongue when you try to describe what you do, it’s okay. IT’S OKAY! You’ll want to figure it out; effectively communicating what you do is essential to your business success. But seriously, it’s okay if you find this hard! Many online, service-based business owners struggle.

So work on it, but don’t beat yourself up over it.

Lesson 2: Discomfort can be a good thing

When you’re doing hard brain work, it can feel uncomfortable. Trying to nail my summary made my brain hurt. I just wanted to run away, binge watch The Crown, and eat Cadbury’s Cream Eggs.

When work makes you feel crummy, it can be because you’re on the wrong path. But it could also just be because you’re doing something new and difficult.

The discomfort can be a good thing because it can be a sign you’re pushing yourself. Business coach Jenny Shih says the only way to get different results in business is to do different things. And that can be uncomfortable!

The good news is that there’s always something new to watch on Netflix when you’re done your uncomfortable work. (The bad news is they stop selling Cadbury’s Cream Eggs after easter.)

Lesson 3: Your work is ever-evolving

I started my freelance writing career ghostblogging. Then I moved into writing web copy. And now I’m ghostwriting books. As I’ve tuned more into what I enjoy and become braver, challenging myself to level-up my writing skills, I’ve changed direction.

It’s important to have a clear summary, but it’s also important to know it’s a living thing. I may well update it as I continue to work, grow my business, and improve myself.

But for now I feel really good about it. I’m confident it represents who I am, who I work with, and how I help them.

So what’s my summary?

I’m a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs who want to write a book to demonstrate authority in their niche and get more speaking engagements. But they’re frustrated that writing takes forever and the words don’t sound like them. I write their book in their own voice so they can share their message, inspire others, and finally level-up their business.


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See you next time!


P.S. Wondering why there’s no video this week?

I’m super sicko. Like, snot-dripping-out-of-my-nose-and-spluttering-over-the-keyboard sick. I don’t believe videos need to be perfect, but I also don’t want to subject you to that nastiness! Videos will resume when this god-damn cold clears off. Stay tuned.