How can you know?

Sharing your message through a book can help you level-up your business. But how do you know if you’re ready to level-up? I’ve got three tips to help you figure it out.


I’m Liz, the writer behind Green Goose Ghostwriting. I work with entrepreneurs who want to write a book to demonstrate authority in their niche and get more speaking engagements. But they feel frustrated that writing takes forever and the words don’t sound like them. I write their book their own voice so they can share their message, inspire others, and finally level-up their business.

Today is my husband’s two year anniversary of being in business for himself. He owns a renovations and construction company called Green Goose Renovations & Construction. (See the theme?!) And because he’s doing fairly well, our bookkeeper just recommended we incorporate the business.

We still have to talk to the lawyer about it, but it feels like a really big step up. And that feels a bit paralysing. It’s intimidating.

So it made me think… how do you know when it’s time to face that fear, get your butt in action, and step up your business, whether it’s calling the lawyer and changing your legal structure, or writing a book to reach a bigger audience?


1. You know your sh*t inside and out

If you’re still learning your trade or honing your process, you need to focus on that. You need to be confident you can make a difference in people’s lives, and comfortable with whatever you’re teaching or doing.

Once you know your sh*t inside and out, then you can switch gears to focus on growing your business.


2. You have steady sales

The second clue that you’re ready is if you have steady sales. Notice I didn’t say a certain dollar amount of sales. You could be steadily earning 10 bucks a month! Or steadily earning six figures. 

The point is if you’re sitting on a plateau, you need to boot yourself up off it. Unless you’re happy there, of course! But my guess is you’re not.


3. You’re feeling the itch

Lastly, you’re probably ready to grow your business if you’re feeling that itch. It’s an antsy, unsettled, unsatisfied feeling that you can’t shake. Maybe you’re confident you love what you do, but it isn’t quite revving you up like it used to. 

A new challenge might be exactly what you need to get your groove back.

Just be a bit careful with this one. Sometimes we want to distract ourselves when work feels hard or we’re learning new things and getting uncomfortable. 

So if you’re feeling this itch, go back to step one and check you know your stuff inside and out. That will help you spot if you’re feeling like this because you’re learning something new and it’s hard, or if it’s because it’s time to step up.


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