There are a bazillion books in the world so, whatever you want to write about, the chances are good that there’s already a book (or two!) on that subject. But it doesn’t mean no one will be interested in your book. In this post, I’m going to tell you why we need your book in this world, and I’ll back it up with some extra resources from super-smart, entrepreneur business folks.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Liz, the writer behind Green Goose Ghostwriting. I help entrepreneurs who want to write a book to demonstrate authority in their niche and get more speaking engagements.

Everyone has a book idea


Every day I talk to people about their book ideas. Not just at work, but also at the grocery store, down the pub, at our local mom-and-tot playgroup, with my fantastic hairdresser… it seems like everyone has a great idea for a book and I LOVE hearing them.

But no one has your exact idea written from your unique perspective.

You have your own life experiences and stories. Your personality and voice are different from anyone else’s.

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely done that ideal client exercise where you figure out who your customer avatar is. And you probably discovered that because you are different from other service providers in your niche, your ideal client is slightly different, too.

Your book is unique

The same is true of your book. You’re unique. The book you’re capable of writing is unique, so your ideal reader is unique to you.

And your idea reader is waiting for you.

They’re out there and—assuming you’re not full of sh*t—they could really benefit from what you have to say.

Stop hoarding!

So please, if you’re drawn to writing a book, if you have something to say, please share it. Stop hoarding your message, get it out in the world, and let others benefit from it.

Great, free resources

In case you need more convincing, I’m linking to a couple of great resources below that discuss the importance of using your voice to share your message, even if others are already sharing that same message.

  • There’s a video and a blog post by Nikki Elledge Brown, so you can choose your poison. She’s an excellent communicator who talks about writing, parenthood, and entrepreneurship.

  • There’s a video by business coach Marie Forleo on what to do when you feel like it’s all been done before. If you don’t know Marie Forleo yet, you should. She creates a ton of helpful content for entrepreneurs like us. She also has incredible hair.

It’s… FEAR

Lastly, let’s get honest. It’s fear that’s stopping you from speaking about [whatever you want to get up on your soapbox for]. It might show up as procrastination, being too busy, or “not really feeling it today.” But it’s all rooted in fear.

  • So… I’ve included a post from business coach Jenny Shih that will help. I took Jenny’s Make It Work Online course and loved it. Plus, she gets bonus points for reference the best TV show ever throughout the post.

Here’s a hint as to what that show might be…

Here are all the links...


Jenny Shih

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