Do you feel like it shouldn't be this hard to win every god damn piece of business?

In this video, we’re going to talk about the actual nitty-gritty of HOW a book can help you build your business and win over prospects, so you don’t have to hustle so hard every time.



I’m Liz, the ghostwriter behind Green Goose Ghostwriting, where online entrepreneurs get help to write books that build their businesses.

You might have a sense that writing a book will be good for your business.

But how exactly does that work?

You need to be clear on this before you start, so you can turn your book idea into something that really does the hard work of winning prospects over for you.

Now, you can write the book first, then build a business around that book. That’s a totally valid way of doing things. But most of the people I speak to already have an existing business that’s doing okay. So we’re going to cover how a book can help in that situation.

There are three ways a book helps you win business without having to hustle so hard:

1. It helps prospects trust you. 

When we see your name on a book cover, it makes us believe you’re an authority in your niche. This is especially important for people who speak a lot as part of their business model.

2. It gives you a new platform to speak from. 

When you release your book, you have something new to talk about. You have a lead in to approach podcasts, blogs, newscasts, and other platforms, so you can reach new potential clients.

3. It provides a lower-priced entry point. 

Buying your book will be a lot cheaper than working directly with you. This lets potential clients test the waters to see if they like you and what you have to say, before they work directly with you.

Once you have your book available, all three of these elements will work together so that, when it comes time to be on a Skype call with a prospect, or to be pitching them, they’re already sold on the idea of working with you

They will already want what you’re offering, and want you on their side. 

Then the call, the pitch, becomes a formality to iron out the details. And then you don’t have to hustle so hard!

The book has done the heavy lifting for you.

Now, that’s not to say that writing a book isn’t hard. It can feel that way if you’re trying to do it on your own. But you do that work once, and it works over, and over, and over again for you.

We know about passive income in respect to earning you money over and over again, but this is passive hustling: having the book hustle for you again and again.

To recap:

  1. A book helps prospects trust you.
  2. A book gives you a new lead-in to speak to new prospects.
  3. A book is a lower priced entry point for potential clients who aren’t yet sure if they want to commit.

Isn't this a bit basic?

This might sound simple, but it’s important to be clear on these ideas before you start writing your book. This will help you go into the writing stage with clarity and purpose, so you don’t get stuck in the weeds.

Want more?

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