Are you trying to grow your online business?

Do you feel a bit alone, scattered, or overwhelmed? If so, this is for you.



If you’re trying to grow your online business but feel a bit alone, a bit scattered, and overwhelmed, I want to share a free resource with you that’s really helped me recently, because I think it’ll help you too.

I’m Liz, the writer behind Green Goose Ghostwriting, where online entrepreneurs get help to write books that build their businesses.

It's not a book!

This week, I’m not talking about writing books, because I’m really excited about this free resource that’s been helping me grow my business (it’s not a book!) and since you guys are online entrepreneurs just like me, I want to share it with you.

Introducing ... Jenny Shih


A few years ago I discovered a business coach called Jenny Shih. She works with online, service based business owners. I felt drawn to her because she speaks very openly about running a business while she was very, very sick. She had Lyme disease, which just sounds brutal. And it spoke to me because, for four years, I really struggled with a chronic pain condition.

My pain, freelancing, and finding career faith

And that’s why I started freelancing—because suddenly I wasn’t well enough to haul myself into an office every day. I needed flexibility to go to doctor’s appointments and treatments and to work from my bed when I was having a bad day. Jenny Shih gave me faith that I didn’t have to give up on my career dreams just because I didn’t fit into the corporate mold any more.

And now?

Now, my chronic pain is almost completely under control. I still have to be careful about how I live so I don’t tax my body too much, but I’m doing really well. 

And so is Jenny Shih. This fall she launched this free resource for online, service-based entrepreneurs. It’s called Make It Work Online Prep School + Workshop and it’s a free group coaching program on Facebook and email.

Still time to get involved

The prep school part has been going on for a few months and I’ve already got new clients by following her advice in there. The workshop part starts January 16, so there’s still time to get involved. It’s also free. I think it's a lead-in to her upcoming paid program, but don’t let that put you off. Jenny is well known for giving away free content, so I'm confident there’s going to be a ton of benefit to the free workshop.

Click here to request an invite to the group.

Plus, below you can sign up to get more cool stuff to do with writing a book for your business. If you really want to make progress in building your business this year, I encourage you to take advantage of these free resources.

See you in the group!