When you follow these tips to proofread your writing, you need a system to easily mark up the errors you find. Having standard proofreading marks you can use quickly, that always make sense, will help you find your groove to proofread your work faster and more accurately.

These days I mostly use standard proofreaders' marks when proofreading my writing. If you're writing a lot, it's worth the time to learn these marks as using them will speed up your proofreading process. And that's a good thing; you've got a new season of Game of Thrones to get to, after all.

If you're not writing all that much and have no plans to do more in the future, don’t bother learning them. It’s a waste of time. Instead, use any quick marks that make sense to you.

So you have two options:

  1. Click here to learn the standard proofreaders' marks, or
  2. Click here to see examples from my own proofreading (before I learned proofreaders' marks). Steal them or use them as inspiration for your own proofreading marks.