My journalism professor used to prowl the classroom as we hunched over our desks proofreading our crappy first drafts. At least seven foot tall (as I remember), he dwarfed me. I’m only five foot one.

Still, I’d catch the morning sun glinting off his bald egg-head as I waited for the giant's daily proclamation.

First, he’d lift his chin. Then he'd raise his football-sized fist into the air. Then the declaration.

“We are the guardians of the English language.”

He was an awful teacher. But he was right. We should protect the English language, not for its own sake but for ours. For the sake of being able to communicate. To connect. To say what we really mean and, for once, to be truly understood.

When your business is your heart and soul and income, you should do all you can for it. Give it the best possible chance for success. That means we must stop being satisfied with mediocre messaging. Our businesses deserve more.

I see so many entrepreneurs with fantastic businesses who aren’t reaching the people who need them. Those people miss out. The entrepreneur misses out. It breaks my heart.

It hurts me because you, entrepreneur, are smart. Brave.

You’ve found, pursued and educated yourself in something you're really good at. You’ve put everything on the line and launched your own business. You put every hour you have into it. At least it feels that way. You take responsibility for your own happiness and fulfillment and income.

And, if you're not communicating properly, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

You know it, too. You look at your blog and feel like crap. You know you’re turning the internet into a landfill of garbage words and decrepit Pinterest graphics. No one reads your stuff.

You’re mad you’re wasting your time. Mad it’s not working. But secretly glad your shameful posts are buried deep enough to escape the scrutiny intelligent beings.

It’s not right.

And it’s not your fault. You're not a writer. That’s all. You abound in other skills.

But damn the 21st century with its internet and Facebook and iPhones and wigamajigs. It means we all have to write.

So let’s do it properly.

You're smart enough to become a brilliant writer.

Will you win the Nobel Prize for Literature? No. You have to be a natural-born writer for that. Will you write a New York Times bestseller book? Maybe, with some help.

Will you become proud of the blog posts you write? Get more attention? Make more sales? Finally feel like the world gets you?


You can do that. Get the right help, work at it, and yes, you can do that.

I want to help you.


  • I’ll be your freelance writer.

  • I’ll be your writing coach.

  • I’ll be your cheerleader and reality check.

  • No woo woo. That's not me (though I have some great woo woo friends).

  • (Gentle) honesty.

  • Respect. Partnership.

  • No guessing. Accurate answers pulled from research--not the stuff lining the streets of Pamplona every July.

That’s how.

I do what I do because it's right. You should care because you're smart enough to become a brilliant writer.

Join me. Let's be guardians of the English language together.