I met Nayla at a time when I was trying to stand up for myself more. I wanted to learn how to be more assertive in business and get what I felt was fair. I didn’t want to let people walk all over me. I was afraid that if I kept being NICE at the expense of standing up for myself, one day I’d explode all over the internet and say something knee-jerky and dumb.

That would suck. 

Nayla Mitha, coach extraordinaire from  NaylasCorner.com .

Nayla Mitha, coach extraordinaire from NaylasCorner.com.

Nayla is a coach who helps women whose self-doubt has stopped them from reaching their full potential. She helps them break free from the deep-rooted beliefs that are holding them back so that they can get to that successful place they’ve been dreaming about.

She talked me through what I thought was a hopeless issue. It was one of those times where you’re convinced nothing you say can make a difference, but you want to speak up anyway because you know you’ll regret staying quiet.


Nayla helped me figure out what to say in this situation. And I was so proud of myself for speaking up, saying what I thought was fair, and for once not being a big ol’ doormat.

Then something weird happened.

What I said actually made a difference.

Speaking up changed my reality. I felt good for using my voice, and I improved my immediate situation.

I was so grateful that Nayla taught me to speak up.

I think this is why I love helping people write their books. It’s so important to speak and be heard. Writing a book is a way of speaking up that can change your world. I love that.

An easy yes

When Nayla asked to interview me on her new podcast, it was an easy yes. She’s great, so I was on-board.

Then she asked me to talk about something quite personal, and that made me a bit twitchy. Her show is all about life lessons, leveling up, and leaning in, so Nayla wanted me to share a big turning point in my life.

I talked about when I got really sick and lost my career.

Here’s what Nayla says about our conversation:

In today’s episode, the wonderful and talented Liz talks about a significant turning point that completely changed the trajectory of her life. This episode is for you if you’re curious about:

- What to do when life throws you a massive health-related curveball

- How to move forward when a core piece of your identity has disappeared

- The magic that happens when you connect with your true passion.

It was uncomfortable sharing this story, but I’m glad I spoke up about my experience. I hope it’ll help someone else who feels they’ve lost their identity a bit.

Nayla says her deepest hope is that the podcast helps you have less stress and more joy in your life so that you can go out into the world as the best and brightest version of you.

I want that, too.

Click here to listen to me and Nayla talking about my biggest life turning point, or search for Nayla’s Corner on your podcast provider. And you can find out more about Nayla’s coaching here.


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