(even if you don’t know what your book is about)

If you have some rough, kinda fuzzy thoughts about writing a book for your business, but you can’t seem to get any further with this idea, this video is for you. We’re talking about the very first step you should take to write your book, even if you don’t really know what your book is about yet!


I’m Liz, the writer behind Green Goose Ghostwriting. I work with entrepreneurs who want to write a book to demonstrate authority in their niche and get more speaking engagements. I write their book their own voice so they can share their message, inspire others, and finally level-up their business.

Last week I launched my new service to help people take the first step in writing their book, but I want to take a beat to talk about what that first step is, why it will help you, and how you can do it with or without me.

If you’ve been putting your book on the back-burner because you don’t know where to start, it can be frustrating. Maybe you haven’t even tried to write anything yet. Or you sat down to write and it felt impossible. 

Well, let me ask you something… 

Can you sum up your book in a few sentences?

If not, that’s your problem. 

You’re likely trying to do too much, or talk to too many people, or share too many ideas. And that’s because you’re a generous person! You want to help people and share your message, and you know so much about your subject. And that’s wonderful!

But it makes writing a book feel like a behemoth task. 

You need to figure out exactly what direction you want your book to take. You need to know where you’re going with it.

Otherwise, it’s like trying to achieve business goals, but not knowing what those goals are. You can’t do anything with that!

That’s why writing a synopsis is the first step to writing a book. 

A synopsis is a summary of what your book is about. It sounds too simple, right?

And sure, not everyone needs it. If you’re off writing away without a synopsis, great. But I’m talking to the people who know they have the knowledge for a book, but just can’t get the damn thing going.

Take some time to create a few short paragraphs that summarize what your book will be about.

This is the first step to writing your book.

Once you get into the writing, your direction may change slightly. And that’s okay! A synopsis isn’t a cage that you have to stay in. It’s something to aim for. It’s what will help you get started.

Now, writing a synopsis takes some work; a lot of people struggle to condense their ideas down. It will pay off because it’ll make the writing process easier, but it is work. That’s why I created a one-off session to help people with it. You can find out more about that here.

But even if you’re not ready to get help, I encourage you to try this on your own. And I’d love to hear how it goes. (Click here to tell me!)

Because you don’t need to stay stuck. You can take the first step, and your book can be more than just an idea.

I’ll see you next time.

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